Air spells that work and  what can they do for you?. Air spells are a unique form of magic, they can be as useful as any other type of spell, but they can also be very tricky to work with. With this list, you will learn what air spells that work are and what they can do for you in your life or business.

Air Spells That work From The Forgotten Realms

Air Spells That Work

In the Forgotten Realms setting, there are a number of spells that manipulate air in some way. Spellcasters from any class can use these spells, as detailed in their spell descriptions. This list is meant to be an addendum to that document and provide information on how these spells were used in context or why they were created. For one reason or another, these spells were left out of the main document and are only available here at Dungeon Masters Guild.

Air Spells To Improve Your Life, Wind, Air, and Weather Magic

Air is the element of ideas. It is the force that brings spirit into manifestation and that connects us all on a spiritual level. In magic, air is associated with intelligence, communication, and knowledge; it’s also the realm of mental prowess. Air magic can improve your life in many different ways by helping you to learn new skills or communicate more effectively. Here are five spells using air magic to improve your life.

The Best Air Spells For Every Situation

There’s a lot of magic in air spells, but they don’t just work on their own. In order to take advantage of the incredible breadth of possibilities that are presented by air spells, you need to know how to combine them with other spells. For instance, using a wind spell to give your fire spell more power is a basic manipulation that every witch should know about. Or using a water spell to protect yourself from the damaging effects of an air spell — that’s knowledge that could save your life.

Air Spells To Save You From Those Stuffy, Hot Temperatures

We’ve all been there. Summer’s here and suddenly it feels like you’re breathing in the world’s largest hibachi. You can’t go outside, you can’t think straight, and you just want to hide from the world under a blanket and hope it all goes away. While air conditioning is tempting, there are other ways of coping with the heat that are both cheaper and more natural. This article will discuss six spells for cooling you down on hot days.