I charge from $100 to $400 for a case and I do cast as many spells as it is necessary to have results. No hidden fees.

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Voodoo love spells

I cast the most powerful voodoo love spells to put an end to your heartaches. The ritual I personally perform combined with the ceremony youíll have to do offer FAST and PERMANENT results. Do you want your lover to be bonded to you like never before? Do you want your partner to fulfill all your desires? Are you looking for the perfect relationship? I can grant 3 wishes with just one love spell. Contact me now.

Voodoo protection spells

Do you need a curse or a hex to be removed? Do you feel supernatural obstacles in everything you do? If you want the evil eye and all this negativity to be cast away forever, I recommend you a Voodoo protection spell. I have results even in the hardest circumstances. Contact me now.

Voodoo revenge spells

Did someone hurt you badly? Do you want this person to pay back both physically and spiritually? Voodoo and Black Magic offer indeed the best results when it comes to cast revenge spells. Yet, I wonít cast this kind of spells if you havenít been harmed in the first place, or else the spell has chances to backfire. Contact me now.

I guarantee you that both Voodoo and Black Magic spells I cast are harmless and don't backfire.